*** The product has been discontinued and replaced by the TachoDrive4 ***

TachoDrive2 (TD2) is a device designed for downloading the data in the DIGITAL TACHOGRAPHS SYSTEM. Together with the included software, TachoDrive Express, it allows to comply the legal requirements concerning the downloading and storing of the data from the SYSTEM. It allows to download the data directly from the driver card (built-in slot) as well as from the tachograph mass memory (cable included).

The available TACHOMATT Yellow Light software, that can be downloaded from www.tachomatt.com, allows to configure the TachoDrive key to download a specific data from the tachograph.
The TD device perfectly cooperates with the TACHOMATT Yellow application that has much wider possibilities regarding the gathered data processing, analysis and presentation.

The device is available in two versions:

  • TD2 STANDARD recommended for the driver or dispatcher
  • TD2 TERMINAL with the TachoDrive key connected. Version to fix on the wall in the drivers room, in the company

ADVENTAGES of the TachoDrive2:

  • compatible with all approved digital tachographs
  • built-in reader of the driver’s card ( reading the whole card takes less than 60 seconds )
  • intuitive TachoDrive Express software included
  • power supply: accumulators ( 2xAA included ), from the tachograph port, or the computer USBport
  • 1 GB memory allows to read 24000 driver cards or 1000 full downloads of the tachograph mass memory or a combination of both
  • USB port ( does not require any additional drivers to work with the PC )
  • acoustic and flash signalization of the device activity status
  • ergonomic casing, small dimensions
  • competitive price


Manual: PL | EN | DE | BG | GR | HU | PT | RS | TR
Flash codes: PL | EN | DE | BG | GR | PT | RS | TR

dimensions: 110,3 x 69,4 x 27,7
weight: 150g (incl. batteriesi)
operating temperature range: -5 ... + 55 °C
storage temperature: -25 ... + 70 °C
protection rating: IP-40
power supply: 2 x AA NiMh accumulators | tachograph port | USB port of the PC
power consumption: max 65 mA
ports: card reader | USB slave (cablel B) | cable A to tachograph

PC system requirements:
(only if TY Light
or other software is used) 

Windows 7, Vista, XP
Pentium III 800 MHz, 256 MB RAM, USB
TACHOMATT Yellow or other software for driver activity analysis 
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