TachoDrive devices update for 1C tachographs

Smart tachographs are a new generation of digital tachographs that improve the enforcement of EU legislation on driving and rest times for professional drivers. These devices must be installed in vehicles registered after June 15, 2019. By the intelligent tachograph system, we mean recording devices, tachograph cards and a set of all devices that interact directly or indirectly during their construction, installation, use, testing and control.

The update for TachoDrive devices according to Annex 1C allows you to download data from smart tachographs and G2 driver cards.

TachoDrive models:

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TachoDrive ONE

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TachoDrive Plus x -



Update procedure:

  1. Connect TachoDrive ONE/4/5 device to PC
  2. Copy the received file on the main disk of the device
    Example of files names:
    TD ONE: tdone_update_serialnumber.fw1
    TD4: td4_update_serialnumber.fw4
    TD5: td5_update_serialnumber.frw
  3. Disconnect the device from PC
  4. For TD4/5, turn the device OFF 
  5. Connect the device back to PC
  6. The update process should start automatically


After updating, it is also recommended to update the firmware to the latest available version. To do this, download and run the latest version of the TD Configurator application and then connect the device to the computer. Confirmation of the device's cooperation with smart tachographs is signaled by the "1C" note  in the firmware version field (as in the example below)