<b><font color="#1B609B">Helpline</font></b>


From 04.09 the helpline is open from 9.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.
<b><font color="#1B609B">Toll-Collect changes</font></b>

Toll-Collect changes

From the end of August 2020, an on-board software update will open up new opportunities for drivers and businesses.
<b><font color="#1B609B">Thanks from the President of Poznan</font></b>

Thanks from the President of Poznan

MATT automotive made a joint effort, financially supporting the Poznan-Józef Struś hospital
<b><font color="#1B609B">VOTE: TTM BEST PRODUCT: Consumer choice - Help us win the competition</font></b>

VOTE: TTM BEST PRODUCT: Consumer choice - Help us win the competition

If you use our products and you think it is worth it - please click this link, select the MATT NX UTP (UTPNX) tester and vote.
<b><font color="#1B609B">Cancellation of training</font></b>

Cancellation of training

Out of concern for You and our health safety, we are canceling scheduled basic training for workshop technicians.
<b><font color="#1B609B">MATTNX system awarded with Gold Medal on TTM 2020</font></b>

MATTNX system awarded with Gold Medal on TTM 2020

We are pleased to inform that the our MATTNX UTP Universal Tachograph Tester and Programmer has been awarded with the Gold Medal of the MTP fair.
<b><font color="#1B609B">New firmware 1.15 for TachoDrive5.5 (HW 1.60)</font></b>

New firmware 1.15 for TachoDrive5.5 (HW 1.60)

From 28.10.2019 a new firmware version is available.
<b><font color="#1B609B">Seals hung on the wire</font></b>

Seals hung on the wire

In the case of seals hung on the wire, the image of a special feature should be printed on two sides of the seal.
<b><font color="#1B609B">Sealing pliers with features</font></b>

Sealing pliers with features

We kindly inform you that in our company you can buy a personalized sealer (large, small), with a generated feature for a given workshop.
<b><font color="#1B609B">Kolejne szkolenie podstawowe dla "weteranów" - tachografy analogowe</font></b>

Kolejne szkolenie podstawowe dla "weteranów" - tachografy analogowe

Informujemy, iż w dniach: 11-12.09.2019 organizujemy szkolenie podstawowe z zakresu tachografów analogowych dla weteranów.
<b><font color="#1B609B">Szkolenie podstawowe dla techników warsztatu - tachografy cyfrowe</font></b>

Szkolenie podstawowe dla techników warsztatu - tachografy cyfrowe

Informujemy, iż w dniach: 4-6.09.2019 organizujemy szkolenie podstawowe z zakresu instalacji, sprawdzania, przeglądów i napraw, tachografów cyfrowych.
<b><font color="#1B609B">New firmware for TachoDrive5</font></b>

New firmware for TachoDrive5

We have provided a new firmware version for TachoDrive5 devices.
<b><font color="#1B609B">TD Configurator v6</font></b>

TD Configurator v6

Along with the firmware update for TachoDrive devices, there is also a new version of the TD Configurator application, numbered
<b><font color="#1B609B">TachoDrive ONE - 2.01 firmware supporting intelligent tachographs</font></b>

TachoDrive ONE - 2.01 firmware supporting intelligent tachographs

As of today, a new firmware version is available for the TachoDrive ONE device, marked with the number 2.01.
<b><font color="#1B609B">New firmware for TachoDrive5 - support for smart tachographs</font></b>

New firmware for TachoDrive5 - support for smart tachographs

The latest firmware version is labeled 1.42
<b><font color="#1B609B">NEW - support of air conditioning systems with R1234YF factor</font></b>

NEW - support of air conditioning systems with R1234YF factor

Our service in Kościan has been equipped with a KONFORT 707R device by TEXA, which ensures maximum efficiency and convenience of automatic operation of air conditioning systems for R1234yf.
<b><font color="#1B609B">Rozporządzenie w sprawie wysokości opłat</font></b>

Rozporządzenie w sprawie wysokości opłat

W dniu 25.04.2019 opublikowano ROZPORZĄDZENIE MINISTRA PRZEDSIĘBIORCZOŚCI I TECHNOLOGII z dnia 12 kwietnia 2019 r. w sprawie wysokości opłat za czynności organów administracji miar związane z tachografami.
<b><font color="#1B609B">First calibration of 1C tachograph</font></b>

First calibration of 1C tachograph

Today in our branch in Komorniki we have performed the first full calibration of the DTCO 4.0 factory tachograph, together with the DSRC and GNSS module test, using NX system of our production.
<b><font color="#1B609B">Regulation on the exam</font></b>

Regulation on the exam

On 01/04/2019, the REGULATION OF THE MINISTER OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND TECHNOLOGY of March 22, 2019 was published regarding the exam in the field of checking and reviewing analogue or digital tachographs.  
<b><font color="#1B609B">Basic training for veterans: analogue tachographs</font></b>

Basic training for veterans: analogue tachographs

On 28-29.03 we organize a basic training in the field of analogue tachographs for veterans.
<b><font color="#1B609B">Firmware 1.32 for TachoDrive5</font></b>

Firmware 1.32 for TachoDrive5

The firmware version 1.31 is now available for TachoDrive5.
<b><font color="#1B609B">Serwis tachografów analogowych i karta kierowcy: Stanowisko GUM</font></b>

Serwis tachografów analogowych i karta kierowcy: Stanowisko GUM

Główny Urząd Miar zamieścił na stronie komunikat w związku z wejściem w życie przepisów ustawy z dnia 5 lipca 2018 r. o tachografach dotyczące warsztatów tachografów analogowych, prowadzonych przez podmioty wykonujące transport drogowy.
<b><font color="#1B609B">MATT is officially a training entity</font></b>

MATT is officially a training entity

On December 31, we received the certificate No. 2/2018 from the Central Office of Measures confirming the fulfillment of the requirements for basic and periodic training specified in the Act of 5 July 2018 on tachographs.