TachoDrive TIMER DB

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Timere for tachographs using the 1-minute rule to make short drives.
Version DB allows connecting to B6/B7 or D7/D8.

TachoDrive TIMER is a "timer" linked with the tachograph.
It is designed for digital tachographs compliant with the "1-minute rule".
It allows the driver to make short drives without registering the driving activity in the tachograph.
With the TachoDrive TIMER, the driver knows exactly when the vehicle should be stopped and switched to rest.
As the tachograph manufacturers claim, one can gain up to 45 minutes of additional driving time per day!


Main adventages:

  • Compatible
    • works with all digital tachographs using the "1-minute rule": SE5000 (from v7.3), 1381 (from v1.4), EFAS (from EFAS-4)
  • Homologation no. E20 10R-06 4183
    • Compliant with Regulation (EU) No 1266/2009 and Social Legislation in Road Transport - Guidance Note 3
  • Intuitive
    • simple in use, acoustic signallisation, multifunctional button
  • Reliable
    • the highest quality components
  • Simple installation
    • only 3 wires to connect, all accessories included
  • Modern design
    • steel, PC-smoked polycarbonate
  • Universal
    • suitable for 12V and 24V installation
  • Attractive price
    • contact local distributor for details

Device versions:

  • TachoDrive TIMER D [10.TDT1.01D0]
    • Allows connecting to D7/D8 socket.
    • Maximum single driveway: 58s

  • TachoDrive TIMER DB [10.TDT1.01DB]
    • Allows connecting to B6/B7 or D7/D8.
    • Maximum single driveway:
    • B6/B7 socket: 24s
    • D7/D8 socket: 58s

When should I choose the DB version?
One should choose the DB version when it is not possible to physically connect it to the tachograph D socket pin 8 as there is already a device connected and running on a different protocol than the K-Line/SRE (such as telematic systemt for example).




While using the TD TIMER and the 1 minute rule, i.e. while moving the vehicle upon the demand of a competent authority or terminal official, the driving activity will not be recorded in the tachograph memory. However, the tachograph records the speed and stores it in its memory for a minimum of 24 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to make a daily printout with a description why the vehicle had to be moved in case of an inspection.