MATTNX system


The Annex 1C was published in 2016

The deadline for introducing digital tachographs of the 2nd generation was approaching quickly.


We have wondered for a long time, what should the successor of the popular UTP-10 tachograph tester be like?

Although the tester has been introduced more than 20 years ago, it is still very popular among workshops servicing tachographs, as well as metrological and control authorities in many countries.
We did not want to change its good features like: versatility, ease of use, operation speed.


How should the software for tachograph workshops, known until now as TACHOMATT Red, look like and function?

We have talked with our partners, listening to what is important, what should be in the new system.
We have also gathered experience in workshops run by MATT - being a perfect testing ground for new solutions.


Ultimately, based on our previous experience, we have redesigned the system from the scratch.

Our engineers have combined their knowledge in the field of electronics and software with the latest technologies available on the market.
NX letters have been added to the names of individual system elements - like the abbreviation for MATT NeXt - the next - new generation.




Two key elements of the system are still the TESTER and SOFTWARE:


Designed from the beginning, the MATTNX UTP tester has been placed in a modern, minimalist housing, for servicing analogue and digital 1B/1C tachographs.
Now you can easily handle the tachograph with any device equipped with the Android, iOS or Windows operating system, even with your smartphone.








The software is the second important element of the system.
Thinking about the future, we created a cloud application - we called it MATTNX Red.





MATTNX - a fast, simple, reliable, intuitive system - created to support Your business


We believe that, also thanks to You, the modern MATTNX system will find a permanent place on the market of tachograph systems



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